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RITU: Good morning, doctor!

DOCTOR: Good morning, Ritu! What happened?

RITU: I am feeling fever. My whole body is aching.

DOCTOR: Let me check your fever…… (after checking)…… it’s 102. Show me your throat.

RITU: I also have cough.

DOCTOR: Your throat is also sore. Did you feel shivering during the night?

RITU: Frequently; I couldn’t sleep well.

DOCTOR: What did you eat at night?

RITU: Simple home-made food. But I have not taken any breakfast. I am not feeling hungry. And there is a feeling of vomiting.

DOCTOR: Don’t worry, I am giving you medicine. Also get your blood tested today. Show me the report tomorrow.

RITU: From where shall I get my blood tested?

DOCTOR: You may go to Lifeline Labs. It is near your colony.

RITU: How many doses have you given me?

DOCTOR: Three doses. As soon as you reach your home eat something light and take the first dose. It contains three tablets and one capsule. Repeat the same after five hours. The third one can be taken before going to bed at night.

RITU: Any precautions doctor?

DOCTOR: Don’t go to office today. Take complete rest. Avoid cold drinks or oily meals.

RITU: How much shall I pay you doctor?

DOCTOR: Only Rs.150/-.

RITU: Thank you doctor!

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